We would like to thank everyone who has come together to make this research a great success. Right from our Directors and all volunteers , to all of the people, corporations, businesses and community groups who have all come together to support this cause. We could not have achieved any success without all of your support and help.


Some of the major supporters are highlighted below, obviously there are too many many more people and organizations to thank . Not all of them are included below

Google NonProfits


Thank you Google community Grants for assisting Foxg1 foundation with support around technologies like gmail, GSuite, Google Adwords and Youtube.


The foundation is yet to maximize the impact of some of the tools available like Google Ads. the impact of using the Gmail and Gsuite products is priceless.


Thank you everyone at Google for supporting Non Profits and



Thank you SalesForce for your Pledge 1% model and thank you helping Non Profits increase their effectiveness.

FoxG1 Foundation is greatful to have access to the worlds best CRM software to manage contacts and build capabiliities around more effectively sharing awareness and recording impact.

As always we are seeking volunteers to help maximize the effectiveness of these tools . Wherever we are able to.

If you are a Salesforce Guru and keen to help foxG1 with its implementation of salesforce please feel free to reach out the FoxG1 on the above numbers.

Thank you to everyone in the Salesforce community and


CommonWealth Bank


Thank you Commonwealth Bank for the foundation win the a $10,000 Centenary Grant. The Stanhope gardens branch , which is also the foundations bank, has additionally helped FoxG1 foundation with additional community grants.

Commonwealth Bank has been actively working with community organisations including Variety, a childrens charity that has helped many children get assistance for mobility and sensory equipment.


Thank you Belinda Irvine, a Digital Marketer, specialising in Google Ads & SEO for helping us in managing our Google AdGrants.

Through your expertise you made things easier for us, you set up campaigns efficiently and regularly sent us your brilliant, informative, and concise automated reports.

We would highly recommend anyone needing help to reach out to you.