UNSW Research Launch Sydney

After a long dialogue with various institutions, researchers, biohackers and after a research Hackathon and numerous discussions FoxG1 foundation was fortunate that the University of New South Wales a premier University accepted to undertake the Research project. the research cope involved hiring a PhD candidate under the leadership of Dr Fabien Delerue and Dr. Lars Ittner at the UNSW Oncology departments Dementia Research Unit.

As the funding arrangements were to pay only for the researcher, with the university and the research departments bearing the costs for the equipment, animal infrastructure and the research reagents and tests, this was a great result for both FoxG1 Foundation and the University.

Below was the article shared on the UNSW website at at that time:

Additionally the Foxg1 research project was also subsequently shared in the UNSW donors magazine with all of their donors


FoxG1 research kickoff on the UNSW website

FoxG1 research kickoff on the UNSW website
Below are the images from and the links to the original news stories from UNSW.

FoxG1 research launch covered on the UNSW facebook page.

FoxG1 research covered in the 2017 UNSW Donor impact report (pp 29-30)

FoxG1 research included in the 2017 UNSW DONOR impact report (pp 29 -30) shared with all of the donors of UNSW