FoxG1 – Official launch Kimberly-Clark

In 2015 after months of setup, the FoxG1 foundation was announced publicly to the greater Kimberly-Clark company. This is when about 50 employees from the Milsons point office came together for a BBQ, and the Finance Director Tony Macmahon shared Kush’s story with the assembled audience. A story so shockingly painful that Vivek was unable to share a word then. Kushagra’s dad Vivek was working at Kimberly-Clark at that time and with Kush’s condition requiring lots of time spent working from Hospitals, the whole Finance team was very very helpful with the situation facing the family.


FoxG1 team at Kimberly Clark: Thank you all for coming together to help find a cure for for Foxg1 . Step 1 is always awareness..

About 50 employees from the Kimberly-Clark office at Milsons point were the first audience to beintroduced to FoxG1 (Brain Factor1) Syndrome and the story of Kush’s Suffering.

Click here to see the beautiful images of the BBQ event at Milsons point.


Thank you to everyone who came together to the launch BBQ at Kimberly-Clark.

The launch was a culmination of a busy journey of research collaboration and [efforts between many many individuals and a very fine team of scientists and researchers around the world. Vivek also reached out to the leadership team of Kimberly-Clark at both the local , regional and global levels and was guided very wisely from an exceptional leader Achal Agarwal then the president of the Asia region for Kimberly-Clark.

TOGETHER is the key work. with medical research the journey requires the collaboration and partnering of many individuals to come together to work collaboratively towards a cure. Thank you to the many people who came together to get the research started in 2015-2016.

Below is the journey of research shared showing the many many people needed to collaborate to get the reearch started, from Dr. Anthony WynShaw Boris at Case Western University, to Dr. Manolis Kellis Head of Computational Biology at MIT