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The research efforts at UNSW were directed towards working on a gene therapy cure for FoxG1 using CRISPR. The research was conceived to be a two step process as below:

  1. Generating the CRISPR CAS9 gene repair template to repair the FoxG1 mutated gene with the correct gene, and
  2. Create the Vector delivery mechanism to deliver the gene therapy to the brain.

A challenge with delivering any therapies to the brain is that the blood brain barrier is challenging to cross over. Here is when Dr Leszek Lisowski from the Genome Engineering Facility at CMRI agreed to collaborate and work with the  Foxg1 foundation to design and novel vector, test the effectiveness of the delivery of the Vector carrier in a brain organoid.


FoxG1 Foundation was once again very fortunate to collaborate with the Children’s Medical Research Institute for this project:


Below is the announcement of this research shared on the CMRI website.


Here is a link to the announcement:


Additionally this research was funded with collaboration with the Rotary club of Hills KellyVille and Australian Rotary health and the research project and updated were shared on the rotary community as well.